Create Your Photo With Santa!

Now you can get a photo with Santa, online from the comfort of your own home. Follow the steps and complete your photo so that you can print it at home, email it to your relatives and loved ones, or upload it to Facebook and Instagram to share with all your friends.

  1. Select your background from one of the 18 different choices.
  2. Upload a photo of yourself from your phone or your computer.
  3. Adjust your photo to get the perfect shot.
  4. Include your name and age, and select the paint for type.
  5. Finalize and then send your photo with Santa. It's that easy!
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Choose Your Background

Scroll down for more options and select the background of your choice, then press NEXT.

Upload Your Photo

Click on the arrow above to choose a photo from your device.

Add Photo Details

Add the name and age of anybody in this photo; this will be included on your footnote so that your cherished memories last.

Name Age
Name Age
Name Age
Name Age
Paint your text:

Finalize Your Photo

You're just about done! Take a moment to make sure everything looks just right; you can go back and re-do previous steps if needed. If everything looks good, you can save your photo or share it with your family and friends.

Save Photo
Share Photo:
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This is the background you selected. If you want to select a new background, press the RESET button. If you would like to use this background, press the NEXT button.